Dan is a bad mann UPDATED

Before you let Dan screw you over.

Do not believe him. He is a master manipulator. He has an uncanny way of convincing you that only he knows the truth. Everyone else is either out to get him or “just doesn’t get it”. He is a Landmark Forum devotee, and knows exactly how to promise you what you want to get what he wants.

Do not give him money. Not $2, not $20, not $2000, and if you’re even thinking of handing him $20,000 you better be filthy rich so you don’t miss it when it doesn’t come back. He has left a long trail of friends and family with a pile of debt. Don’t get screwed over. Dan is a thief.

Do not do business with him. You will be lied to at best, and asked to do illegal things at worst. He will have you do his dirty work, and find any way to keep all the profits for himself.

Do not let him find out where you live. If you want to ignore the first three points, fine. But don’t fuck around with this. If things go sour (and they will) you need to have a safe space. Because he will stop at nothing. You think his texts are freaky now? Wait til you start getting creepy porch presents and midnight house calls.

You are not smarter than all the others he's ripped off. You think this will never happen to you, don’t you? You think you have a special bond with him, or a unique gift for dealing with this, right? You don’t. He has nothing to lose. He believes he is above the law. He has lost whatever shred of sanity and humanity he had left. You might think you can save him, but he knows he can take advantage of your kindness.

Take a look at his posts on Facebook.  None of the replies are from anyone thats known him for more than a few months.  Ask yourself why.

If you have been screwed over by Dan, please let us know - theinterview@me.com

UPDATE:  Dan  is still out there fucking  with people.  He's  leaving "gifts" for  people that  have told  him to stay away.  He's still posting  crap on Facebook, seeking  credibility.  Do not reply or "like" anything.  If he's doing anything that affects you, report it to the police. They won't be able to do anything about it, but it does add to the paper trail.

To search the  LA Court system, use this link.  Chrome may not work.
https://app5.lasd.org/iic/                       Last name - Lowry    First name - Daniel

These are some of his identities:
Dan Das Mann - Danny Carpenter - Dan Safety Das Mann - Daniel Lowry

(415) 595-1566

(510) 496-9692

(213) 793-6694

(415) 930-3903

(802) 444-3115

(530) 319-2960

(415) 658-1980

(707) 483-9162

(626) 517-3177

(213) 500-5669

(630) 776-3590

(541) 754-1530